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they’re THAT kind of brony

i just had a run in with some random bronies on a pub in tf2. How could I tell they were bronies? they had Twilight and Fluttershy icons and were named.. take a wild guess.. if you said TWILIGHT AND FLUTTERSHY, you guessed correctly!

What do i mean when i say THAT kind of brony?

Twilight: who here likes ponies, raise your hoof!

Fluttershy: /)

Me: Please stop

Others in the server(listing what I remember): fuck off you fags. shut up. oh boy here we go. bronies…(one other did reply with /) haha )

Twilight: … why stop?

Me: Listen, we get it that your bronies, but you don’t need to shove it in everybody’s faces…? 

Fluttershy: sounds like somebody’s jelly of our swag.

Solverna (other random level-headed player): You’re making fools out of yourselves. I’d listen to ********* (me).

Fluttershy: join the herd! trust me it’s super cool over here!

Me: Nah I’m actually not a brony, but i’ve seen the show and it’s decent. I was really into it but it kinda 

Solverna: Yeah it’s good, but nothing i’d go nuts over.

Me: it’s alright. 

Twilight Sparkle: Oh boy we got haters here too! hahaha

Me: you guys are the reason bronies are hated…

Fluttershy: somebody’s obviously butthurt xD

Me: >butthurt.
i rest my case.

Sometimes I just wonder… I just… I … 


I don’t.. 

i dont. 

I really don’t. 

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    And the cosmic ballet goes on.
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    Alex, don’t waste your logic on the Bronies. Being logical to a Brony is like trying to explain FFVII to a lemon.
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